Top 10 Affordable Cars for College Students under $7000!!!


For College Students!!!

College is already really expensive without taking into account that you probably need your own form of transportation for the first time in your life. Whether it’s to attend class, get groceries, or go out, college students generally need the same things in a vehicle – affordable, reliable, good fuel economy, and space.

Of course, depending on the individual, there may be many other factors and wants such as whether it’s fun to drive and what it looks like; we’ve taken all of these and more into consideration when compiling this list of the ten best used cars for college students under $7000:

10. Geo Metro (1989-2001):

It might be the butt of many jokes and quite under budget, but this three-cylinder is perfect for the college student trying to spend as little as possible on their car and fuel.  The Metro averages around 40MPG all in a car that bought for around $1000-2000 – definitely less than a semester’s tuition.


9. 2009 Ford Escape:

For college students that prefer an SUV, the Ford Escape can fulfill their needs really well with it’s high-clearance, rugged look, and high-quality interior. The compact SUV also comes in AWD and has storage solutions for stuff students might need like space for a bicycle or moving some furniture. With a fuel economy of 20MPG city/28 highway, there isn’t much to sacrifice here at all.

Ford-Escape_2008_1280x960_wallpaper_03 Ford-Escape_2008_1280x960_wallpaper_09