Ten Concept Cars we wish made it to Production!!


Which one is your favorite?

While concept cars are rarely production ready, they frequently capture our imagination and make us wonder what would be like if they actually made it out of the concept phase and down the production line. Here are the ten concepts that we wish had become a reality:

10. Volkswagen W12 Nardo:

10th in our ten concept cars list is W12 Nardo. The name, of course, comes from the Nardo test track, where VW set records with the prototype car. However, instead of building this car, VW went ahead and built the Bugatti Veyron instead. You can definitely see tones of the W12 Nardo in the Veyron.

2524118751_ed8d66f661_b 01_volkswagen_w12_nardo_concept_by_knobiobiwan-d95ug9n

9. Chrysler Atlantic:

Over twenty years ago, Chrysler showed the Atlantic Concept at the Detroit Auto Show. It came from the same design-era as the Plymouth Prowler, which explains the retro-Art Deco-1930s look. It had a 4.0 liter straight engine, fashioned from two Neon engines mounted together. And what business did Chrysler have trying to build this expensive and exotic car? None at all, which is why it never happened.

Chrysler-Atlantic_Concept_1995_1280x960_wallpaper_01 1995-chrysler-atlantic4