10 Supercars that never reached Production!!!


Some of them were quite good actually.

Automakers tend to come out with the supercar concepts as often as they can. But it’s rare that they are anything but a concept since they are mostly used to create buzz about the brand and                 nothing else.

But then there are time when automakers start testing the car and saying they are going to build them. Then suddenly without warning, they cancel the project due to financial constraints, development issues or some other reason. Following are some of those Supercars:

10. Jaguar C-X75:

What started as a turbine hybrid ended up being a heavily boosted four cyclinder hybrid. A handful were built, but Jag ultimately decided against series production when they realized the market for their million dollar car just wasn’t there.


Jaguar-C-X75_Concept_2013_1280x960_wallpaper_22 Jaguar-C-X75_Concept_2013_1280x960_wallpaper_41

9. Honda HSV-010:

This was actually intended to be the new NSX all the way back in late 2000s. But then the recession hit and Honda saw the demand for a new supercar to go away. The road car project was immediately cancelled, but it lived on as a JGTC race car.