Dodge Challenger Wagon – Great Concept Or Just a Dream??


So what do you think??

WE are used with muscle cars, like classic coupes or sedans, or at least cabrios.  But in modern World, where women are in trousers, and men in dresses is nothing impossible. How about changing concept of Muscle Car to something different? How about Dodge Challenger Hellcat in Wagon Body? A recent tweet sent out by President and CEO of SRT, and SVP of Design for Chrysler, Ralph Gilles, caused massive interest online.


This is actually, just an idea of future look of the Hellcat. It has to be 707 horsepower wagon. Most drivers are considering Wagons as something very slow, and free of sport and demonic character. This is partially right, because mostly wagons are family cars, and such car has no purpose to press somebody on the road, to be aggressive. Wagon`s purpose is to deliver your family with carriage from A to B with maximum safety. When you intend to buy a wagon you are interested in room capacity, comfort, MPG and safety. But with developing SUV segment wagons lost biggest part of the customers, and there was a need to improve situation.
Mercedes, BMW and Audi were pioneers in hot wagons segment. And they actually succeed. They are in average about 500 horsepower, and phenomenal dynamics! And now is time for American automotive industry to show what it can also do it. Challenger Wagon with 707 horsepower. Basically the idea is good, but in this case Dodge need to improve the suspension, because wagons have quite different masses distribution. Moreover all European competitors are AWD, only BMW is RWD, but it is equipped with very efficient traction control system. Dodge has different view on traction. True Dodge must be able to burnout, to make donuts and to drift.


If the concept will remain the same, than I`m not sure, that Muscle Car fans will buy it, because if you in search of hot wagon, than you will take RS6Avante by Audi, or Panamera GTS.