The best luxury SUVs and 4x4s you can buy!!!


Luxury SUVs!!!

If you’re the kind of buyer who wants a little of everything – space, pace, luxury and lots of tech – there are plenty of upmarket SUVs that might fit the bill. We’ve put together a list of the 10 best luxury SUVs and 4x4s on sale today:

10. Lexus RX450h:

The Lexus RX450h might have lost its unique selling point in the growing hybrid SUV market. Thankfully, the RX still has plenty reasons to recommend it – not least the excellent reliability and fantastic level of customer service the brand’s dealers are well known for providing.

Ignoring the striking new exterior looks, you’ll find the RX has one of the nicest interiors of any SUV and the level of standard equipment is impressively high. The hybrid system might lack plug-in capabilities, but the technology is tried-and-tested, and the Lexus is supremely refined and comfortable – exactly what most potential buyers want.

Lexus-RX_450h-2016-1280-01 Lexus-RX_450h-2016-1280-0e Lexus-RX_450h-2016-1280-16

9. Volkswagen Touareg:

The Volkswagen Touareg may be more humble than some other choices on this list, but it actually shares its underpinnings with the Porsche Cayenne. The current car is impressive, and has an undeniable air of Germanic quality inside, and a very high level of equipment included as standard.

Some might feel the Touareg looks a bit like a bloated Golf, but the Volkswagen’s understated looks will suit some luxury SUV buyers who prefer to fly under the radar. It’s priced from a reasonable £43,900 and even the most expensive models cost less than £50,000.

Volkswagen-Touareg_2015_1280x960_wallpaper_01 Volkswagen-Touareg_2015_1280x960_wallpaper_11 Volkswagen-Touareg_2015_1280x960_wallpaper_21