15 Most Extravagant Mansory Modified Cars!!!


3. Mansory Tesla Model S:

With green accents that are a testament to its eco nature, Mansory Tesla Model S is one beautifully designed car, inside and out. It comes with a newly designed front apron (with daytime LEDs), modified side skirts and more. By now, it should be obvious that all of the body modifications are constructed with carbon fiber, which saves energy consumption and makes the car faster than is probably necessary.


2. Mansory Maserati Gran Turismo:

The Mansory version of the Maserati Gran Turismo has a carbon fiber front spoiler, grille, hood, door sills, rear spoiler, exhaust inlay, and a rear apron and diffuser. The interior features red-orange and black leather seats and an ergonomically designed steering wheel. Even the wheels are painted to match the color of the vehicle. Under the bonnet, Mansory added more power, enhancing the performance of the V8 unit by 30 horsepower each.


1. Mansory Porsche Panamera:

For its version of the Porsche Panamera, Mansory used high-strength carbon material, as well as resistant polyurethane RIM. They widened the front and rear of the vehicle by 70 mm using fender extensions and added large air inlets on the newly designed front to optimize air flow to the drive unit. Add on top of that stitched logos, LEDs and 22 inch rims and you have one good-looking ride.

Mansory never forgets about performance and to enhance this Porsche, they added modified turbochargers and a supplementary control unit, allowing this sweet ride to go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.6 seconds and raising the engine output from 520 horsepower to 680 horsepower.