15 Most Extravagant Mansory Modified Cars!!!


9. 458 Spider Monaco Edition:

Add more power and more carbon to a Ferrari 458 Spider and you’ll get the 458 Spider Monaco Edition. Mansory decided to add a new skirt with bigger air intakes, a new bonnet and a new diffuser, all made from their favorite material, carbon fiber. This makes their version of the car 120 pounds lighter than the stock version, resulting in a 0 to 100 km/h time of 3.2 seconds.

That’s not all though, Mansory also added sports shock absorbers with lowering springs and a new engine management system. The interior of the car features a red and white diamond pattern, the color of the Monaco Principality.

458 Spider Monaco Edition

8. The Mercedes G63 Sahara Edition:

If you’d like to outshine the Kardashians as far as their automobile collection goes, look no further than Mansory’s G63 Sahara Edition. The Kardashians may have the standard G63 AMG, but Mansory’s tuned version is on another level. Not only did they redesign the body with carbon fiber, but they added camouflage decals as well.

The interior of the vehicle is leather, with hints of falcon and wing decals on the seats, headrest and doors. Mansory also transformed this ride by adding racing components such as upgraded pistons, connecting rods and cylinder heads which all allows the modified twin-turbo V8 engine to be capable of producing a power output of 828HP.

Mercedes G63 Sahara Edition

7. Mansory McLaren MP4-12C:

If the Kardashians aren’t enough of a challenge for you, and you’d like to outshine the sun itself, then this crimson colored Mansory McLaren MP4-12C with gold ten-spoke ultra-light wheels is the car for you. Once again, replacing significant components of this car with carbon fiber improves its performance by increasing acceleration and reducing braking distance.

The top speed of this beauty is 353 km/h. The interior of the Mansory McLaren is made to give its occupants comfort, with only the finest leather used. A new airbag, sports steering wheel and aluminum pedal top it all off.

McLaren MP4-12C