Largest Behemoth Machines in the World!!



Mankind is always trying to outdo itself in just about every area of life. One of those areas is machinery. When a really big job comes along a really big machine is needed.  When a hole the size of football field needs to be dug as deep as it wide in one day what machine would you use? You may not know that answer yet but after reading this you will have the answer as well as other interesting facts about the world’s 10 largest vehicles.  Now the term vehicle doesn’t just apply to cars and trucks.  It is actually used to describe anything that is powered by an engine that is capable of motion.  It’s hard to believe that these behemoth creations actually exist.  They are prime examples of what mankind is capable of.

10. Schwerer Gustav:

Leave to the Nazis to produce the world’s largest piece of artillery.  This Behemoth Gustav fired shells that were as big as tanks distances of up to 30 miles away.  It was too heavy to be self propelled so it was carried around by railway during its service.  Most of these 7 ton shell firing machines were destroyed during World War II but a few managed to survive and are now sitting in museums.



9. Prelude FLNG:

This sea going giant is the largest and heaviest ship on the planet today.  It is 1,600 feet long and serves as a natural gas refinery.  The Prelude weighs in at over 600,000 tons and can sail just about anywhere in the world.  It’s not fast by any means and keep it afloat requires an insane amount manpower.  The Maserk line of container ships is its closest competition.

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