Top 10 Fastest Animals in the World!!!


Talk About Speed!!!

There are variety of animals exist in the world in which some are land animals while some can fly, some can run and other can crawl, some are predator and other prey, some are calm and other are violent.

The species of animals on earth is countless because numerous animals live in different regions like  in African region or in Asia, some exist in south America and North America while some are more common in Australia and New Zealand. Following are the top 10 Fastest Animals in the World:

10. Gyrfalcon (128 km/h) :

The largest falcon in the world, the ghostly Gyrfalcon is a fierce predator in the High Arctic, where it chases down ptarmigans in flight or plummets from the sky at breathtaking speeds to strike prey to the ground. Nesting on remote cliffs in the far reaches of Canada and Alaska, Gyrfalcons in North America are safe from most human disturbance but face challenges from a warming climate. They are rare winter visitors to open habitats in the northern United States.

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9. Black Marlin (129 km/h):

The black marlin is a species of marlin found in tropical and subtropical areas of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. With a maximum published length of 4.65 m (15.3 ft) and weight of 750 kg (1,650 lb). It is one of the largest marlins and also one of the largest bony fish. This marlin is one of the fastest fish, with speeds of up to 129 km/h (80 mph) as estimated from the speed that hooked marlins are able to unwind fishing line. Black marlin are fished commercially and are also a highly prized game fish.

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