Ten Exotic Car Technologies That Belong In Your Car!!!


For Comfort!!

The car industry is set up to reserve its best features for its top-level cars, mostly because they want you to pay more for better options (and because those options are more expensive). Of course, by definition there is a limitation of what features can go into a bargain basement car. Cutting-edge technology is expensive, and if you add more of it to a cheap car, that car stops being cheap.

Carmakers could be willing to take a hit in profitability per car if a new feature will slingshot them ahead in sales. The price of many of these features is artificially inflated for luxury cars with high profit margins. They always get you with the options, and there’s room for prices to come down. Following are the top 10 Features:

10. Heads-Up Display:

There’s not much need for gauges anymore now that we can beam important information right onto the windshield. You can get an HUD in a Corvette and some other cars, but distracted drivers in Camrys and Elantras need them, too.

01.1_lane_6 Conti-HUD

9. Variable Geometry Turbos:

Turbochargers with adjustable turbine vanes have been common in diesels for years now, but only in high-spec exotics do we see them in gasoline engines. They’re more efficient and provide a wider band of power for the engine.

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