10 Crossovers for People who want a hatchback on Stilts!!!


6. Honda HR-V:

HR-V is an all-rounder. It’s tough and dynamic. It’s sporty and fuel efficient. It’s an “and” kind of car, which is kind of the point of the whole crossover segment: you can have your macho look but still not kill all the baby seals with fuel consumption. The Honda HR-V is a conservative choice among subcompact CUVs. It doesn’t stand out visually and with only 141 horsepower coming from its baby 1.8-liter, it’s not going to dominate tracks like a sports car. Still, it’s selling like fish during lent in Vatican City, partly because Honda’s reputation for quality and reliability makes this a safe choice.

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5. Mini Cooper Countryman:

At over 3,000 pounds, the Mini Cooper Countryman is a bit of a boat compared to any other Mini ever, but at 162 inches, it’s not really a big car, especially by ‘murican standards. If you’re a fan of the Mini brand’s dorky but charming look, but you have a child or two, you enjoy driving, you want good fuel economy and you’ve got lots of money, check out the Countryman, particularly in S guise.

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