Top 10 Most Expensive Car Keys!!!


Talk About Expensive Keys !!!

From super expensive cars to the things that make them start, this list is a way of showing that the world of luxury vehicles is all about the details and the technology put into small and important accessories .The latest technology combined with jewellery and modern designs gave us some of the most expensive car keys in the world, things that definitely have a reason for being here. So let’s see which car has the costliest key in the world and what is so different about these start-up accessories:

10. La Cle Customizable Car Key:

The first on the list of the most expensive car keys is La Cle Key’s a set of custom key for the luxury car owner who understands that his keys are as important as the expensive car. With price depending on the request of the luxury car owner, La Cle car keys are custom-built, the single thing that resembles from one to another is the titanium casing and a Swiss manufactured who comes from the world of watches. For example, the guys from La Cle make keys for important car makers like Porsche, Maserati, Ferrari, Mercedes, Rolls-Royce and Bentley.


9. Tesla Model S Car Key:

The future of cars is presented through the acclaimed company Tesla, who currently is facing a growth in the automobile industry. These are cars which feature the evolution of engineering and the Tesla Model S is one of them, a car which is sleek down to the latest details.

The producers didn’t stop adding details even when it comes to the car key, which has some amazing features like auto turning your engine when it detects the automobile. Added to that there is a key feature that is giving you the possibility to be the only one who has imprinted a personalization of what your car has to be when you get in.