World’s 10 Most Expensive Luxury Submarine!!!


Subamarine !!!

Move over superyacht owners, there’s a new way to show the world that you’re richer and more exclusive than everyone else: Owning a luxury submarine. It seems that staying above water is becoming a little dull for people who want to take to the sea and party on the big ocean blue – now, the mega-rich are taking the party 20,000 leagues under.

As technology rapidly advances, we’ll definitely be seeing more of these super-subs in our waters – well, we won’t be seeing them, of course – but for now these luxury machines are just dreams for most of us mere mortals. These subs represent the newest, hottest billionaire plaything. They’re a ticket into the super-exclusive, super-snooty lifestyle of the filthy rich. These are the 10 most expensive luxury submarines in the world:

10. Nautilus VAS Luxury Submarine – $2.7 million:

The $2.7 million Nautilus VAS can accommodate up to eight passengers. It has the ability to stay underwater for four days, and can descend an impressive 6,500 feet in luxurious comfort. It has an airlock, allowing divers to exit the vessel while it’s submerged to get a better look at their deep-sea surroundings. It also has a toilet, stairs, a minibar, and digital video and music players.


9. Triton 3300/3 – $3 million:

The Triton 3300/3 is a 13-foot long and 10-foot wide submarine that can take a pilot and two passengers 3,300 feet into the water. Its bubble shape is transparent and acrylic, allowing all three passengers to enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding sea. Since it’s so dark down there, the Triton uses powerful LED headlights to illuminate its surroundings. The machine is pricey, but the $3 million tag also includes four weeks of pilot training, teaching owners to launch, operate, and recover the sub. It was in this submersible that man first encountered the giant squid deep underwater.

triton3300 Triton-3300-3