10 Most incredible Super Yachts Concepts!!!



Concept yachts, much like their automotive counterparts, provide yacht designers with a unique opportunity to push their imaginations to the limit and develop ideas that may find their way into future production.

While the following 10 concept yachts may never know the crash of a Champagne bottle against their hulls, they are certainly exciting early glimpses of tomorrow’s real-world yachts:

10. Federico Fiorentino Belafonte:

Sleek as a bullet and seemingly as fast, the Belafonte by Federico Fiorentino will have the potential to reach speeds of up to 24 knots. In fact, Fiorentino took inspiration for the yacht design from sports cars. The bronze-hued, 164-foot Belafonte features five staterooms and a skylounge, along with a 2.5-year build time and a $26.4 million tag.


9. Lobanov Design Star:

A radical departure from standard seafaring form, the 435-foot Star—the shared vision of Italy’s Lobanov Design and Britain’s BMT Nigel Gee—rises up like a white pyramid from the water. Powered by eight generators, the yacht is equipped with two azimuth thrusters that can be set to slowly rotate the boat over the course of the day to maximize sun exposure. Latticework windows throughout all eight decks add an ethereal, celestial element.