Top 10 4-Seater Coupé !!


2. Rolls Royce Wraith:

The Wraith is derived from the Ghost, but it has its own distinct—some might say sporting—personality. With a 624-hp version of the Ghost’s V-12, the wheelbase is shorter and the fastback body is unique. The Wraith is quicker and more nimble than the Ghost, with a light touch to the steering and a gently controlled ride. Rolls tradition abounds, with rear-hinged power doors, the available Starlight headliner, and an array of options that can launch the already-lofty base price into high orbit.

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1. Mercedes Benz S65 AMG:

The Mercedes-AMG S 65 Coupé combines superior V12 performance, stylish dominance and luxurious sportiness. The powerful AMG design featuring selected design elements in elegant high-gloss chrome, serves to underscore the exclusivity of the vehicle. 0-60 in 4.1 Seconds is the result of 630 hp.

mercedes-benz-s65_amg_coupe-2015-1280-01 mercedes-benz-s65_amg_coupe-2015-1280-19 mercedes-benz-s65_amg_coupe-2015-1280-2d 2015-mercedes-benz-s63-amg-coupe-rear-seat