Top 10 4-Seater Coupé !!


4. Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale:

Maserati’s GranTurismo offers something extraordinary in a high-performance, six-figure coupe or convertible, one that embodies all that is compelling and irresistible about Italian cars. The exterior has curves in all the right places; the interior is lavishly appointed. There is an amazing, 454-hp 4.7-liter V-8 that is good for sub-5.0-second 0-60 runs. The droptop adds weight and lacks the coupe’s stiffness and response, but still looks fabulous.

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3. Nissan GT-R:

Doesn’t matter what you call it—GT-R or, more fittingly, Godzilla—Nissan’s range topper is a supercar-stomping, high-tech dynamo. Its 3.8-liter twin-turbo V-6 makes a mighty 565 hp while a six-speed dual-clutch automatic and all-wheel drive team up to put all that power to the pavement. The GT-R’s quick steering, rigid structure and adjustable suspension can make even amateurs feel positively heroic from behind the wheel. Want more? Check out the track-ready NISMO-tuned variant with 600 hp.

nissan-gt-r_2017_1280x960_wallpaper_01 nissan-gt-r_2017_1280x960_wallpaper_0e nissan-gt-r_2017_1280x960_wallpaper_1e 2017-nissan-gt-r-rear-interior-seats