A Unique way to Stop People from trying to Park in Handicap Parking Space!


“I am not just a sign on the road”

A nonprofit organization Dislife recently figured out a new way to stop people from parking in Handicap parking space. Ask yourself, how many times have you parked in a Handicap Spot? Although it is nothing special, just like an ordinary parking spot, but these are for drivers with disabilities on the roads so that they don’t have to walk longer distances.


Nothing catastrophic, especially, if you park your car there just for couple of minutes. Even if a driver with disabilities comes, there are a lot of other space so it shouldn’t matter because I took just one. Due to such approach nearly every driver tries to park in Handicap spot. So when a disabled person has to park he cannot find even one empty spot.


In biggest Mall in Russia, Guys from Dislife made a performance, which displayed on water-dispersed screen a hologram of Disabled driver, who kindly asked to find another place to park the car.

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