The Process Behind Retreading Tires Right Here In This Video!!



Retread which is also known as “remold” or a “recap” is the process of rebuilding tires on which the tread on worn tires is being replaced. Before the retreading is applied to the casings the tires are being fully inspected and then repaired. 90% of the material in the spend tires is being preserved. The material cost of the retreading tires is around 20% when you compare it to manufacturing a brand new tire. The retreading tires are very cost efficient.

The popularity of retreading tires is rapidly growing lately not just thanks to their cost efficiency, they are also very friendly to the environment and the quality performance is pretty solid. But, we all wonder how the process behind retreading tires works?


The first step of retreading tires is the very rigorous inspection process. This process is being started with applying casings through the quality inspection process. This move will ensure that every material piece that is applied in the process fits the high standard. This is all done to ensure the best possible quality performance.

The second step of the retreading tires process is called Buffing. After the rigorous inspection process, the tire is being placed through the buffing process. The buffing process eliminates the old thread, and it reveals what can be called as the “undertread.” What allows to recap the tire is the new buffed surface with a material of high quality and a performance that you can depend on. You can check out the video on the second page.X

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