Motorcyclist Goes Airborne And Kills Another Biker In The Opposite Lane!!!



There is no need to tell you that riding a bike is dangerous.    Actually, if you do it carefully you may ride it until you die of oldness. However, who rides bike carefully? Moreover who is riding a sportbike carefully. You may roll very slow on the chopper of cruiser, but you just cannot do it on sportbike! He wispers in your ear: “C`mon, hit me harder”! As a result you are flying above 200 km/h.


Speeding is a very dangerous thing, just because you feel this adrenaline in your blood, and in just couple of moment, you get used to it, a higher dose of adrenaline is required. The danger is in the point, when you feel too confident in your skills, and you are riding too fast and dangerous! Watch the video to see, that worst enemy for rider and driver in absolute self confidence.

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