10 of the Fastest American-Made Cars!!!



Speed is as American as the Constitution, Taco Bell, and the Super Bowl. It’s in our DNA – in fact, put any American, regardless of age, behind the wheel of a quick car and watch their face light up with pure, unadulterated joy as they stomp the gas. It’s just who we are.

And with technology raising horsepower and top speeds, while emissions and prices fall not only have Americans been able to hold their own on the international stage when it comes to speed, it can also lay claim to the fastest cars in the world. And after generations of design and engineering tweaks, speed has been democratized, and is now available to almost everyone with a driver’s license. Following are the top 10 Fastest American Made Cars:

10. Tesla P90D : 155 MPH

Yes, the P90D is limited to a top speed of “just”155 miles per hour, just like a full-size SUV from Mercedes. But unlike other cars in the 155 club (a common top speed for limited cars), the P90D has 762 horsepower and can sprint from zero to 60 in an eye-watering 2.8 seconds. Top speed be damned, the P90D is just plain quick.

Tesla-Model_S_2013_1280x960_wallpaper_01 Tesla-Model_S_2013_1280x960_wallpaper_14 Tesla-Model_S_2013_1280x960_wallpaper_1f

9. Ford Shelby GT350: 180 MPH

Unlike Shelby Mustangs of yore, the GT350 is no straight-line rocket. I mean, it is that, but unlike its predecessors, this ponycar can actually take a corner too. In fact, the new GT350 carves corners about as well as Europe’s best, and is fast shaping up to be one of the most formidable track toys in the world. Zero to 60 comes in around 3.7 seconds, and with 526 horsepower and 429 pound-feet of torque coming from a Ferrari-inspired 5.2 liter flat-plane crank V8, it sounds unlike anything to ever come from the US of A.

Ford-Mustang_Shelby_GT350_2016_1280x960_wallpaper_01 Ford-Mustang_Shelby_GT350_2016_1280x960_wallpaper_16 Ford-Mustang_Shelby_GT350_2016_1280x960_wallpaper_27