Ten Strangest Tanks Ever Built!!!


Ever seen one of these??

If there is one constant motivator for innovation, it is finding new and exciting ways to kill people. Among other things, this leads to some strange tanks. Because we restricted ourselves to tanks that have actually been constructed, we have to leave off a number of bizarre tank designs that never made it off the drawing board.  Following are the top 10 Strangest Tank according to us:

10. Flying Tank:

This is the Antonov A-40, basically a 12,800-pound T-60 scout tank fixed to a huge glider. The idea was to tow it behind a plane and let it glide onto the battlefield. The 1941-42 prototype program never saw combat. We doubt it ever fired while in the air, which would’ve been beyond terrifying.


9. Screw Drive Tank:

Leave it to Russia to turn rudimentary screw-drive technology into the wonderful ZIL-2906 and 4904 tanks. The idea behind screw-drive vehicles is that they can cover just about the most tortuous terrain imaginable. In other words, Russia. The smaller 2906 was built in the ‘60s with the strict goal of recovering cosmonauts who land in Siberia. The two-and-a-half ton 4904 was built in ’72, but at that point the Russians realized screw drive was hopelessly inefficient. After a few 4904s were built, the largest screw drive vehicles of all time, the project was scrapped.