How To Weld Without Flames – Friction Stir Welding Automation!


This is impressive!!!

We are used with robots on the factories. Moreover, robots are becoming more up to date and efficient, so the manufacturing becomes more complex and technological. However the main goal for final product is the energetic efficiency, materials are lightweight and resistant, compare senior cars and modern cars. Look how different they are. Compare any car in every segment and you will see that new generation cars are lighter, consuming less resources both in manufacturing and driving.


Now, we came to the key point, well if new materials are used in production, the traditional approach is not quite suitable for assembling, and welding the materials as well. Friction stir welding (FSW) is a solid-state process by which high quality and high-strength welds in potentially difficult-to-weld alloys are possible. This cutting-edge technology is becoming an increasingly popular choice for manufacturing lightweight transportation structures such as automotive, aerospace, light rail and marine applications. Watch the Video to see this efficient machine in action.

Watch The Video