This Is Probably The Coolest Bike Storage You Have EVER Seen!!


This is cool!!!

What do we have here on the video? We have the coolest organizer and garage for bikes ever was made in the World (at least I suppose this)! This is an expanding shell, where you can put your gear and bike itself. Shell is installed near the wall. It`s equipped with the small elevating door. After you open the door you get very smart organizer for your moto-gear and equipment. You have place to hang your jacket, to place a helmet, or even two.


Also you have a quite handy organizer for your motorcycle tools, so you don’t need to take your tools from different places; you have all you need in one place. After you left your gear, you just park your bike near the wall organizer, and just grab the handle and pull the shell to cover your hot stuff. Shell is expanding in three layers rolling on the small wheels to make this procedure easy, so even your girlfriend can handle it. When your garage is expanded properly you need to fix it with a metal fixation device. It`s the simple click-in construction, this fixation is used also, when your garage is folded, to prevent accidental expanding, or folding, which can damage your motorcycle.

Ok, nice, but you may be interested, if your bike is covered by shell when you park it after some hot riding, this metallic can will become the best place to preserve high temperature, and smell of gasoline. That would be true, if this folding bike garage wouldn`t be equipped with ventilation gills, which permits air circulation, without danger of being flooded in case of the rain.


Well, guys, this is a really cool thing, for your bike, if you don`t enough space in the garage. It`s folding, it`s easy to operate, it`s inox, and also it has a really cool organizer for your tools and gear. Probably this thing you could find even on DYI websites, then this will be a cool weekend action for you and your friends. Hey bikers, it`s definitely a handy thing for your iron horses!