This Is How To Embarrass a Lambo In a Z06 Corvette – INSANITY!



How many of us love seeing a real and fair drag race? I bet 99% of us.But I think that many of us want to see a drag race between a super car and a American car in a crazy race like this one.

Which American car can line up better than a Corvette Z06 against a Lamborghini.Even this street race is shot at 2013 it can never get old.It is shot at the land of supercars,in the land where having a $2.000.000 car is a normal thing.Abu Dhabi.The land where a 16 years old boy owns a $1.000.000 Lambo for a second car,to go at school.


Lets get back in this amazing drag race where the American Idol Car,Corvette proved that it can beat any super car in their land too.Sometimes you can’t just mess up with American Cars. Take a look at the video below and tell us what do you think about it.We love to see your opinions and don’t hesitate sharing it with your friends. Enjoy!