This $15M Combat Boat Is Not Owned By The Military And Its Invisible to Radar!



This high-technological product that costs about $15 M and it is an American product. Meet the Ghost Boat. This super-innovational project is one of the most perspective boats for US Navy. Why is called Ghost? This boat reflects all radars and it is like Stealth Jet. This boat looks like it came out of Star Wars. It looks so futuristic, but this I not the design feature, every angle in this boat is well calculated to serve for practical purpose. Ghost can sail 30 days with his fuel on board. So, Navy can do their job, and come back, and nobody will never find out, that somebody came.


Ghost is very easy to control. There is only gas turbine throttle and joystick for steering. Even a kid can handle this boat. Moreover, it is based on underwater structures that can cut through the waves. Ghost is using jet technology, and this helps to run faster and reducing noise. All underwater structure is surrounded with gas.

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