This Man Jailed After His UNBELIEVEABLE Invention – But Why?


This guy is a genius!!!

Have you ever thought about new engines? I mean, this is not the peak – internal combustion engine! There must be something more innovative and more efficient, than conventional ICE. There must be something, that is more efficient. Fuel for conventional engines becomes more expensive day after day, and Humanity needs some alternative for conventional motor.


Actually, there was a lot of innovative ideas in the past. In Soviet Union was designed an engine, with 1.0 liter displacement, which had more than 100 horsepower. Also, there was a lot of Hydrogen engines. Where are they now, they are somewhere in archives, or destroyed at all. This is Petrol lobby in action. Any efficient engine that consumes less fuel, or run at alternative fuel leads to profit loss for Petrol Giants.

You may not hear about Geet Engine, but this is the conventional ICE killer. It`s not quite an engine, but a processor. This engine works on everything, literally. The manufactured GEET “Demo” engines are capable of running on waste materials mixed with gas. Some examples are: lamp oil, used and new engine oil, pig manure, transmission fluid, soda pop, pickle juice, and the list goes on. These units are for testing and demonstrating the technology. They have no float, and must be manually operated.


The fuel chamber is a glass jar, so during the demonstration viewers can see the “fuels” being vaporized in the tank these units were built specifically for demonstrating that GEET works and to develop theories of operation. They have no hookups for loads. 1l1e heart of the GEET Fuel Processor is its reaction chamber. It is the single most important part of the entire system. Ironically, it is also usually the easiest part to build and tune! Most of the time if a system isn’t operating properly it isn’t the fault of the reactor (unless there are leaks). Improper fuel mixtures, vacuum leaks, too much liquid being fed into the reactor, or other things will cause problems before the reactor itself will.