How To Embarrass a $4.000,000 Koenigsegg In a Street Race!



The Nissan GT-R is a monster of a car. It’s the kind of high-speed, high-performance car that any enthusiast would love to own. The Koenigsegg CCX is an even more impressive supercar with record-breaking speeds designed to make it a champ on the track. Here’s what happens when you pit these two cars against each other in a drag race.


The owners of these two very desirable machines decided to take each other on out on a highway somehwere in Turkey. Let’s go on record by saying we don’t condone anyone drag racing like this on a public road, but these guys did it and the results are impressive.

 They hit the gas and the pair takes off while the camera car struggles to keep up and record the action. Eventually he catches up and we have our winner, as well as an impressive speed shown from the camera car’s dash. Watch through the end to see if the Nissan or Koenigsegg takes the day.