Dipping Arms In Carbon Fiber – How Cool Is That??


This is just amazing!!!

This innovative method gives unique freedom for designers to create unique masterpieces. Water transfer printing is the greatest alternative to aerographic paintwork. This method permits to apply any pattern on curved surfaces. Moreover, aerographic paintwork is impossible, if you require applying an even pattern on the surface.


Also water transfer printing is very simple and fast procedure. Moreover it`s cheaper than aerographic paintwork, and doesn’t require too much skills to operate it. You don`t need to be an artist to do the paintwork, because to do aerographic design you need to be a very experienced artist, because if you do it bad, than you will be used to repaint the car with your own money.

For owner of car damaging a part with aerographic design is a tragedy! But if you use water transfer printing, this will cost you couple of times less, and this is a strong advantage. Hydrographics can be applied on every surface from the rims, interior car panels, mirror housings or even your arms! Yes, if conventional tattoos are too simple for you – apply carbon pattern on them, using hydrographics.


I suppose, this will have a bomb effect. Actually, this is very simple to use the dip-kit. You can apply the pattern on every surface and every material. For example you can apply it on dummy hands, if you want to redesign your dummies in the fashion clothes shop – this is perfect method to do this. You can even make unique firearms. Car parts are the most common details to apply the hydrographic pattern. Maybe you consider your laptop too boring and average – hydrographics is your option, moreover this could be the first step in the big business, using this simple method.


Here is another video in which Hydrographics printing is being applied to a number of different automotive products.