How To Install 33X22X20 Tires Onto a 20X15 Intro Twisted Vista Rim!


This is amazing!!!

A nice car is not defined just by the brand! A lot of things have to be taken in consideration in order for one ride to be dubbed as nice. The color of the car, the design it has, its specs. But there are two parts of the car that are equally important for making it beautiful, but are often overlooked. The parts we are talking about are its tires, along with the rims.

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We are often unaware of the impact the tires and rims have on the car`s overall look, mainly because the original tires on most cars are truly unappealing. But if you happen to put tires and rims of your own personal choice, the car`s appearance can drastically change! The video we have for you today shows just how much a nice tire and rim can visually impress! These guys install Mickey
Thompson tires — 30x22x20 inch tire onto a 20×15 inch intro twisted vista rim!

This is no easy task, as it takes 3 people to put the tire on the rim! They start out by greasing the rim to making sure it does not rust, and doing it to the tire also, so that it can slide onto the rim. Afterwards, 3 people join forces so they can put the tire on the rim correctly, by using crowbars!


After making sure that everything is lined up perfectly, we are shown with the final product, a Mickey Thompson tires 30x22x20 inch tire with a 20×15 inch intro twisted vista rim! The result is truly wonderful, showing us the difference a tire with a nice rim can make! Whatever car those tires and rims go on, they will definitely make it amazing! Check out the video and get impressed by the beauty of this amazing tire & rim combination!