GEARHEAD DAD Built An Enormous Peterbilt RC Truck Model That Includes A Cool Chariot & A Baby Stroller!!!


This is cool!!

Luca Bordin, RC truck enthusiast, implemented a chariot for himself and a stroller for his little daughter to ride in! What a wonderful way to make his little daughter happy. His daughter must be feeling ecstatic when riding in this amazing Peterbilt RC truck!

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The capabilities of this Peterbuilt RC truck are outstanding! It doesn`t have any problem carrying Luca in the chariot and his little daughter at all. And, when you take into consideration that one of Luca`s Peterbilt RC truck creations was pulling a Nissan SUV with its driver inside, this is like a walk in the park.

Luca used two thick 01⁄16 inches steel pipes to build the chassis. And it proves adequate enough for this scaled Peterbilt RC Truck. As for the engine specifications of this amazing scaled truck, Luca implemented a 36 volt 750 Watt electric motor.


This electric motor using a sprocket drive chain drives the twin wheels at the back. But the sound that this motor produces lacks loudness. However, Luca placed a Tamiya sound model which solved the problem. The Tamiya sound model simulates the sound of a real truck nicely!