FASTLANE Paving Machine Can Make 1,2 MILES LONG ROAD IN 24H!!!



Pave the way for FASTLANE Paving Machine! This incredible huge paving machine will operate in no time. We no longer need to wait for months for a road to be reconstructed or built in the first place. Now that we have FASTLANE, all we need is 24 hours for a brand new paved way! And how is that possible?

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Placing concrete is a lot easier now that we have a new more innovative way. We also have a better method for placing Porous (pervious concrete), as well as aggregate. With this ingenious machine, we can operate 18 lineal meters at 3 meters wide in only one minute. Which means, as long as you provide Fastlane with the needed materials, it can place 2000 lineal meters (1,2 miles) at 3 meters wide in only 24 hours!!! Moreover, you only need a few men for this job.


So now you have the opportunity to see Fastlane`s fantastic work and be astonished as we were before! So take a look at the video, paving can really be fun with FASTLANE.