Wrong Overtaking Results in a Fatal Car Crash!!


Car Crash !!!

Overtaking can be very dangerous sometimes and must always be done carefully. As it is shown in this Dash Cam footage how one impatient person causes damage to so many people. The footage shows a law abiding driver going in his lane when suddenly due to the actions of a wrong overtaking SUV Driver a peaceful day turns into the scene of a horror film. Multiple Casualties were reported in this car crash.




In the dash cam video, the Car crash can clearly be seen. You can see the red car driving very nice when right about 00:36 on the other side of the road an SUV driver is stupid enough to forget how to overtake!


The SUV driver tries to get back on his lane too soon, he first crashes into a truck, next thing you know, the truck goes on the other side of the road and destroys the red car! The Driver didn’t even had a chance to brake. So due to the actions of One driver, another had to suffer. Always be mindful on the road, because it is not only your life on the life but also the life of others. Because it is better to reach late than never.