Smart Car Crash Test at 70mph!!!


Car Crash at 70mph!!!

The Guys at Fifth gear decided to test the limits of a Smart Car made Mercedes. Only the test wasn’t supposed to be like the usual ones. This time they were going to crash the Smart Car, on purpose, in to a 20 ton concrete block and a staggering 70 mph.


At 70 mph the super compact Smart Car had enough energy to move 20 tons of concrete. But the Germans make no compromise when it comes to safety as even after the high impact crash, the steel cage absorbs most of the energy and remains intact.

Thank goodness there was no one sitting in this Smart Car when it hit the wall at 70mph, but even though the German-made Mercedes vehicle is tiny, it’s built like a truck. Remarkably, the door still opens after that tremendous impact. Maybe the Smart Car isn’t a deathtrap after all.


Smart Car maybe small in size, but it sure passes the Crash test with flying colors. Not many cars can survive a test like this let alone be in in this condition afterward. Although we still doubt such a crash would be survivable, this demo certainly changes our opinion of the safety of the diminutive Smart Car. So you have a lot more chances of surviving an accident in a Smart Car than most of the local cars.