The World’s 8 Most Expensive First Class Plane Tickets!!!


Talk About Expensive!!!

While a lot of people browse the web for the best travel deals, hoping to fly from point A to B for the lowest price as possible, there are those that are willing to spend whatever it takes to fly in style. Forget worrying about having enough leg room, the privileged passengers who have access to the world’s best airline cabins only need to worry about what their private chefs will whip-up for dinner or how to avoid a Champagne hangover upon arrival.

Etihad is one of several airlines raising the bar when it comes to defining what it means to travel first class. As the standards for in-flight luxury amenities increase, we take a look at the world’s most expensive first class seats and the perks that go along with the hefty price tags:

8. Qantas: $14,974

True to its Australian roots, the airline’s first-class seats transforms into a flat bed with a cozy sheepskin mattress. The individual suite also features plenty of space for your belongings and an ottoman chair. Enjoy an eight-course dinner menu put together by renowned Australian chef Neil Perry and consult the Sommelier in the Sky for suggestions on wine and Champagne pairings.

The airline won the Best First Class Sparkling, Best Presented First Class Wine List and Best Overall Cellar at the Cellars in the Sky Awards 2012. A Los Angeles to Melbourne first-class ticket can cost over $14,974.

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7. Singapore Airlines: $18,400

Engineer Derek Low’s blog post about his experience traveling first-class on the Singapore Airline’s A380 aircraft went viral due to it’s vivid description of what a luxury airline ticket can get you.

The minute he got to the airport, he checked in at a luxurious lounge that looked like a hotel lobby. Once on the plane, he took pictures of every luxe detail available to him, from the Givenchy bedding and pajamas to the Salvatore Ferragamo amenity kit and from the five-course dinner to the luxury double bed. There were also plenty of opportunities to enjoy 2004 Dom Pérignon champagne. Low’s ticket from Singapore to New York cost him $18,400 (in accumulated air miles!).


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