Top 10 Small Seven Seater Cars!!!



If you’re after a car that seats seven, you might think that you need to choose a larger vehicle. You might be in for a surprise, however – there are plenty of smaller vehicles that car seat seven in relative comfort and also offer more compact dimensions to make parking and city driving a little easier.

Our list comprises the 10 best small seven seaters on the market today – you might be surprised to find both a BMW and an SUV on this list, so read on to discover which models we rate the highest. Following are the top 10 Small Seven Seater Cars:

10. Fiat 500L MPW:

The Fiat 500L MPW might not be the most stylish seven seater, but its compact dimensions and affordable price make it an excellent choice for those after a small-yet-practical machine that doesn’t cost much to buy and run.

Buyers get a choice of turbocharged petrol and diesel engines, all of which offer a reasonable mix of performance and fuel economy. Space in the rear-most seats isn’t the best but, for a car this size, that’s to be expected – plus you get that Italian charm as standard.

Fiat-500L_2013_1280x960_wallpaper_01 Fiat-500L_2013_1280x960_wallpaper_3a Fiat-500L_US-Version_2014_1280x960_wallpaper_1f 2014_fiat_500l_living_9_1920x1080

9. Toyota Prius+:

If you’re after a green seven seater, Toyota’s Prius+ is a good option that offers a unique buying proposition. A high-tech cabin mirrors the advanced hybrid powertrain, one that gives fuel economy of nearly 70mpg – impressive, but slightly lower the most economical diesel versions of some rivals.

Unfortunately, the Toyota isn’t that engaging to drive, and the CVT gearbox is a little noisy and doesn’t give the best performance. Plus it’s rather expensive to buy, thanks to that large battery pack and hybrid system – but, if you’re after a seven seater with a green image, the Prius+ is second to none.

Toyota-Prius_Plus_2013_1280x960_wallpaper_03 Toyota-Prius_Plus_2013_1280x960_wallpaper_0c Toyota-Prius_Plus_2013_1280x960_wallpaper_0e Toyota-Prius-Plus-011