Top 10 Cars at the Geneva Motor Show!!!


Your Favorite?

      The Geneva Motor Show is the best car show of the year. Why? Since it takes place in a country that makes no cars of its own, no automaker has a home field advantage.

That means everyone has to be on top of their game. Here are our favorites from the show:

10. Apollo Arrow:

What once was Gumpert is now Apollo. and during it’s time in automotive purgatory, it got better looking and power has gone up to a whopping 1000 for this new car, the Arrow. Using the shark as inspiration, Apollo created a car that preys on the air in front of it, its pronounced snout and front splitter tearing through every molecule. The side aerodynamics create a chaotic shrapnel field – thin, diving front fenders, massive winged skirts and ravenous intakes. In back, the yellow bodywork clings to the underlying carbon fiber and a huge wing juts out well past the body. Apollo promises that the Arrow will produce more downforce than any other street legal hypercar out there, and looking at that aero kit, it’s hard not to believe it.

Apollo-R-at-Geneva-Motor-Show-20161 Apollo-R-at-Geneva-Motor-Show-20165

9. Mclaren 570 GT:

If you wanted to drive to Geneva in any other McLaren, you might have wondered whether to pack a couple of extra shirts. Not so with the newest addition to McLaren’s new Sport Series range, which boasts more overall boot space than a family hatchback. It’s called the McLaren 570GT, and it’s one of the stars of the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. Priced from £154,000, the GT is billed as the most usable and luxurious McLaren ever.

McLaren 570 GT McLaren 570 GT 1