The Ten Production Cars With The Craziest Power-To-Weight Ratios!!!



          Horsepower only shows one side of the story when it comes to a car’s speed – if you really want to know how fast a car is check out the weight-to-power ratio. Just like golf, lowest number wins.

           Following are the top 10 Production Cars with the Best Power to Weight Ratio:

10. Pagani Huayra: 4.14 lbs/hp

2980 lbs : Weight

740 hp : Power

If this list is starting with a wild 740 hp Pagani you know it’s going to be interesting. The Huayra is staggeringly light for a car with a V12.

2013-Pagani-Huayra-in-studio-1024x623 2013-Pagani-Huayra-studio

9. Porsche 918 Spyder Weissach Package: 4.08 lbs/hp

3616 lbs : Weight

887 hp : Power

The 918 barely edges out the Huayra, but only if equipped with the stripped out Weissach Package, otherwise the Pagani would just have it.

porsche-918-spyder-weissach-package-c279215042015195027_1 porsche-918-spyder-weissach-package-c701114082014194854_3