Koenigsegg Regera: Rival to Bugatti Chiron!!!


Things are getting quite interesting!!!

Internet, meet your new hero, the 1,500bhp, production-ready Koenigsegg Regera. Yep, that is almost as powerful as the Bugatti Chiron

koenigsegg-regera03-01_0839vlad-savov.0 koenigsegg-regera03-01_0824vlad-savov-3.0koenigsegg-regera03-01_0830vlad-savov-2.0

Not much has changed in the 12 months since we first met the Regera. Well, apart from the three thousand revisions Koenigsegg has made from the concept car to the production version you see above. The baseline then, is as follows: the Regera sits on a highly modified Agera chassis, significantly changed to accommodate a 4.5kWh battery pack – able to discharge 525kW – mounted in the centre of the car, which is 25kg lighter than the concept car’s battery. There’s a new high voltage AC charger, a smaller 800v compressor and a new compact, lightweight 800v DC/DC converter, which saves yet more weight.

koenigsegg-regera03-01_0829vlad-savov-1.0 koenigsegg-regera03-01_0826vlad-savov.0 koenigsegg-regera03-01_0827vlad-savov.0