TOP 10 Most Expensive Car Wheels In The World!!!!


Do you have one of these??

We put in the same place 10 expensive wheels that can be purchased by anyone. We didn’t place in the top 10 those abnormally expensive wheels with diamond or gold bars made just for marketing in a single set or copy…world’s most expensive alloy wheels cost $ 2 million!!!

Our TOP 10 contains wheels that can be purchased by anyone, anytime. Following the are top 10 Most Expensive Car Wheels in the World:

10. Modular Society Slate – $ 4,404/set :

Modular Society is an American company specialized in large wheels generally by chrome. The Slate is sold in various color combinations, and are made by lightweight and high strength alloys. The company made these wheels just at order, customer getting their wheels set in 4-6 weeks. A set of wheels cost $ 4,404 with transport and installation included … just in the United States.

modular-society-slate-custom-painted-close-up-2 modular-society-slate-custom-painted-4

9. GFG Italia – $ 6,636/set :

GFG is a known producer of wheels from oversea where sports cars and the DUB type feature chrome wheels. The Italy model is made of wrought alloy, chrome plated, high strength and lightweight, ideal for sports cars. It is sold in various sizes, even in 26 inches. A set costs $6,636.

gfg-italia-chrome IMG_4368 touch up