Which engine would you choose??

Gearheads around the world have been swapping engines into vehicles for a quite a long time. There have been recorded swaps dating back to the early days of the automobile itself. Today the engine swap game is bigger than it ever has been before thanks to a huge array of racing types loved by gearheads everywhere.

There’s a pretty good chance that you’d be hard pressed to attend any race or show event across the United States and not find a vehicle with a motor swap. Swapping an engine is often easier, and cheaper, than modding the engine a vehicle came with.There’s simply too many swaps being done in the world today to feature them all but there were several that kept popping up over and over again in the drag, drift, and street racing world. We put them all together and brought them here for you to enjoy:

5. RB26DETT:

The heart of of the R-32,33, and 34 Nissan Skylines. The kings of Japan’s racetracks and mountain passes are known all over the world for their twin turbocharged 2.6 liter inline 6 and potent all wheel drive systems. The heart of the Skylines is the coded as the RB26DETT it shined when it first placed in the engine of the R32 and it still shines today in the many bellies of transplant recipients.

The RB26 features a dual over head cam design with 24 valves contained within its aluminum cylinder head. Instead of having a single throttle body the 2.6 liter features six individual throttle bodies that feed theirr own cylinder. The cast iron block is strong to handle long periods of boost. Oil squirters are used to help keep the pistons and rotating assembly well lubed. The twin T-28 turbos are restricted to keep boost under 10 pounds in stock form.

The stock 26DETT is an amazing feat of automotive engineering. 276 horsepower was delivered as a sum of its parts. With simple modifications power levels around 550 horses can be placed on tap to make any ride a thrilling one. Stock bottom RB26’s have been know to withstand up to 80o horses. Heavily modified examples have been pushed well past 1,350. The only downside to the RB platform is its cost. The engine itself has to be imported from one country to the next which only drives the price even higher.

nissanrb26dett_00332335-1 gtr-skyline-for-sale-7-nissan-skyline-gtr-r34-1200-x-800

4. Honda F20C:

I bet you weren’t expecting a Honda engine to pop on this list! The F20C is found in Honda S2000. The high revving Honda convertible saw a production run that started in 1999 and run through 2009. It was designed as a front engined rear wheel drive setup that could master any set of corners on the planet.

The F20C is a 2.0 liter naturally aspirated engine that features Honda’s famous variable valve timing known as Vtec. Ok you already knew that but did you know that the F20C’s piston walls are reinforced with fiber? The redline of the stock motor is set at 8,900 rpm but built units can rev past 10,000. Horsepower output in stock form comes in at 240. Plenty of power to push any build around a track or down a city street.

Possibly the best thing about the F20C is the large aftermarket support the motor has. Replacement and upgrade parts are easy to find and this means that 240 horses is just the beginning. This is truly an odd swap to consider but it is rapidly growing in popularity.

f20c Honda-S2000-HD-wallpaper