Top 10 Most Impressive Bridges in the World!!!


4. Sydney Harbour Bridge – Australia:

The “Coathanger” of steel that crosses the Sydney Harbour has a longer history than it appears. Opened in 1932 after eight years of construction, the steel bridge features six million hand-driven rivets. The extreme sun in Sydney required hinges that could handle the steel expanding and contracting in the extreme temperatures. At 160 feet wide, the bridge was the widest long-span bridge in the world until 2012, and crosses over 3,700 feet with the steel arch 440 feet above the water.

sydney-harbour-bridge-widescreen-hd-wallpaper Sydney_harbour_bridge_new_south_wales

3. Magdeburg Water Bridge – Germany:

The water bridge that crosses the Elbe River to connect the Elbe-Havel Canal to the Mittellandkanal becomes the longest navigable aqueduct in the world, at more than 3,000 feet long. Previously, connecting the two canals required a 7.4-mile detour and boat lift into the river. But in 2003 the new concrete water bridge near Berlin changed all that and gave ships a water-filled crossing.


MAGDEBURG, GERMANY: Ships cross on the giant canal bridge "Trogbruecke" the river Elbe, 10 October 2003 near Magdeburg, during the inauguration by German Transport Minister Manfred Stolpe of Europe's largest waterway junction. It took six years to build the one-kilometer-long bridge that connects the Mittelland canal to the Elbe-Havel canal, and cost 500 Million euros. AFP PHOTO DDP/JENS SCHLUETER GERMANY OUT (Photo credit should read JENS SCHLUETER/AFP/Getty Images)