10 Most Fuel Efficient SUVs You Can Buy!!


Fuel Efficient!!

The SUV is more efficient than it’s ever been, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely crossed over from being terrible on a tank of gas. Vehicle fuel efficiency standards are inching toward the Environmental Protection Agency’s goal of a combined 54.5 miles per gallon for company fleets by 2025, but moving the trucked-up SUV to a car’s frame and dubbing it a “crossover” has helped immensely. Crossover sales are up 14% year-to-date over last year, but that doesn’t mean every SUV is exactly a lean, green machine. We have compiled a list of the most fuel-efficient SUVs  Models with limited availability like the BYD e6 or the Toyota RAV4 EV are not included in this list. There are hybrid and diesel vehicles on this list, but as we’ll make clear, hybrid engines and alternative fuels are no guarantee of being fuel efficient:

10. Hyundai Tuscon Eco: 29.5 MPG

Price: $24,150

Hyundai knows its way around lightweight aluminum and has made a name for itself by offering cars with incredible mileage at minimal cost. However, this four-cylinder turbocharged engine manages 175 horsepower while minimizing fuel intake.

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9. Chevrolet Trax: 30 MPG

Price: $20,120

What’s a Chevy Trax, you ask? Don’t worry: if this compact SUV isn’t exactly familiar, it’s because it only arrived during the 2015 model year as the downmarket complement to the Buick encore — which is built on the same frame.

2015 Chevrolet Trax Front 7/8

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