Top 10 Car Movies of all time!!!


What are your favorite Movies ??

No one is born with a love for the automotive, but instead we are inspired by something or someone to join this strange group of petrol-sniffing car nuts. Sometimes we are inspired by a particular car, maybe someone you knew had a car that you just couldn’t stop obsessing about. A lot of the time, film can inspire people to fall in love with cars. Film is actually quite often the inspiration behind the love affair with automobiles. It makes sense, as movies glamorize everything, so when a car is one of the focal points of a movie, it seems so very desirable. Whether it be racing movies, action movies with great car chase scenes or just a cool movie character who had a cool car, movies can so often inspire young people to find a love for four-wheeled machines. Here are the Top 10 Car movies according to us:

10. Fast and Furious Franchise :

The Fast and Furious movies have, recently, become more about globe-trotting espionage than cars. However, there’s no doubt that the franchise has boosted the interest in cars in young people ever since its inception. Quarter mile times have always been a large test bed for cars, however, the original Fast and Furious movie coined the term “10 second car” and made the quarter mile test very popular. The franchise also brought car tuning popularity to a much higher level.


9. Vanishing Point :

Easily one of the most iconic car movies of all time. The epic, massively long car chase, between Kowalski and the police, has gone down in history. The white Dodge Challenger, driven by Kowalski, is world famous and desired by so many car collectors. Watch the movie now, and it’s cheesier than cheesy, being that it was made in 1971. However, for the time, it was epic. The car chase scenes are still wildly entertaining and the Challenger will forever be badass, so it’s worth a watch.