Top 10 Facts about POTUS’s Car “The Beast ” !!!


The Beast certainly is impressive.

The President of United States is one of the most powerful people on this planet and is among of the most heavily protected as well. It doesn’t matter what your feelings about politics are, this is one vehicle that leaves everyone in awe. These are the top 10 Facts about the BEAST!!!

10. It is as heavy as a plane:

The vehicle is powered by a 6.5L diesel engine and weights 9070 Kgs (Almost as heavy as a Boeing 757 mini plane).



9.  If you think it just an armored car, you are wrong:

The storage unit holds oxygen tanks, fire fighting equipment,  The fuel tank  is sealed with specially designed foam which prevents it from exploding Its Armour-plating is 8 inches thick. 5 inch thick Steel plate runs under the car to protect against bombs or grenades rolled underneath. Body has military-grade armor at least 5 inches thick. It also doesn’t get flat tires!!!