Top 9 Most Expensive Armored Cars


 Armored vehicle that make you feel safe!!!

Luxury sports cars are the favorite choice of celebrities.But for some celebrities, their fame comes with the price of their own security. For this reason, there are some wealthy people who invest in expensive armored cars. Here are the best high-end armored cars that money can buy:

9. The Dartz Kombat T98 SUV: $200,000

The Russian-made Dartz Kombat T98 is technically a sports utility vehicle. But it really looks more like a tank. It looks like a Hummer with heavy steel plated doors and 7cm thick windows that can repel AK-47s and even rocket-propelled grenades. It is powered by a monstrous 8.1 liter Vortec V8 that can sustain speeds of 180 kilometers per hour even with all its weight. Dartz has had a long history when it comes to armored cars dating back to World War I.

2014-Dartz-Kombat-T98-Photo-Top-10-Most-Expensive-SUVs-2014 198057

8. Cadillac One: $300,000

You’ve probably heard of Air Force One, the airplane used by the President of the United States of America for international travels. It has a land vehicle counterpart in the Cadillac One. But this privileged limousine is more than mere looks. It is heavily armored and its details are highly classified, leading some funny observers to joke that the Cadillac One can withstand a direct hit from a nuclear warhead. For the estimated price of $300,000, the Cadillac One features a diesel-powered V8 6.6L turbo 300hp diesel. When in a presidential convoy, the Cadillac One has many other decoys to confuse potential threats.

the-beast-1 cadillac-presidential-limo-the-beast-white-house-down-replica-rear-door