10 Awesome Cars Not Allowed To Be Sold In America


4. Toyota Hilux

This legendary unstoppable pickup truck comes in a plethora of varieties in many countries; just not the United States. Available as a single, extra or double cab, 2 or 4WD, manual or automatic, 2.5 or 3.0 litre diesel engines this truck provides practicality as well as power. A modified version of the Hilux was the first motorized vehicle to make it to the magnetic North Pole thus furthering the claim of its indestructibility. Inside amenities include a touch multimedia center, a rear view camera and spacious seating. No matter what option you choose in this truck it was built for reliability, off-road abilities and superior load carrying capacity.


3. Land Rover Defender

This much loved series hasn’t seen U.S. soil since 1997 when new air bag and side-impact regulations came into play. But that doesn’t mean this rugged vehicle stopped production. Available pretty much everywhere else in the world this workhorse model has retained much of the same design with some pretty amazing tweaks. The Defender isn’t known for its horsepower or cargo carrying capacity but more for its incredible torque with its 2.2-liter four-cylinder diesel engine. This baby will get you anywhere you want to go; except America of course.