10 Awesome Cars Not Allowed To Be Sold In America


8. Audi RS3 Sportback

Known as ‘king of the compact’ this high performance compact is exactly what America needs; unfortunately it is still not drivable in the United States. Featuring the firm’s most powerful five cylinder engine to date this four wheel drive hatchback will cover 0-62mph in just 4.3 seconds with a top speed of 174mph. Leather sports seats, LED headlights, the Drive Select Adaptive Dynamics System, an exceptional multimedia system and the ability to turn the car into a wireless hotspot are just a few of the amazing extra bonuses. Rumor has it this car may be coming to the US in late 2016; for now we can just cross our fingers and hope one day we can drive this serious compact.


7. Volkswagen Scirocco

This stylish hot hatchback is impossible to get in the United States and that alone makes people want it more. VW has always been to known to produce sporty fun cars and the new Scirocco is no exception. With a choice of five four-cylinder engines, three trim packages and basically a Golf GTI in a cocktail dress this car has become sort of the topic of many discussions. Inside you will find deeply sculpted seats that allow drivers to sit low along with a navigation screen and roominess in the back you won’t find in other three door compacts. The coolest part about this car is the price; coming in at under $30,000 USD.

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