10 Awesome Cars Not Allowed To Be Sold In America


Bad News for America!!!

We all know the history of the automobile and the close ties that the United States has to that but that doesn’t in fact mean we can have any ride we want here. Strict regulations, economics, safety and other reasons make it that there are many cars we would love to have in America but alas we cannot. Luxury sedans designed exclusively for the Middle East as an invitation only purchase makes it hard for any American to own that cushy, gold, fast car or how about an iconic Land Rover that was pulled from U.S. soil due to airbag regulations or the indestructible truck that the rest of the world can buy.

From touring cars that remain only in Britain to station wagons loaded with luxury and power that Americans just aren’t interested in (or at least they think they aren’t) to compact cars that are packing a lot of punch; we are missing out on the chance to own a select number of amazing vehicles. We admit we have it pretty good in America for car choices but there are a few gems out there beyond our borders we would pay big bucks to own. From trucks to wagons to sedans to high powered sports cars we invite you to buckle up and explore 10 of the coolest vehicles not allowed to be sold in America.

10. Volkswagen Amarok

This pickup truck is one Americans don’t want; but that is only because they don’t know it exists yet. A muscular yet elegant truck that combines a torque diesel engine and smart ergonomic interior packing  a twin-turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel engine. Acceleration from zero to 62 mph takes 7.9 seconds, showing that this truck has power. Inside is a cabin done in red, white and black leather with an infotainment center featuring a sub-woofer and 8 inch touch screen. Fun to look at, fun to drive; we have to wonder why this truck isn’t in America already


9. Morgan Aero 8

This true British sports car won’t be making it to American soil anytime soon but that won’t stop us from drooling over this insanely cool car. Light, powerful and stylish is the motto of this car and boasts a 4.8-liter V8 engine from BMW and goes from 0-62 in 4.5 seconds. Designed to be sold as a convertible there is an optional top that stows in the rear for those rainy days. The retro looking dashboard, plush leather seats and a touch screen media system are just a few of the added extras. Custom designed for every customer you could not ask for a better looking and performing touring car.